Drool’d: Find Mouthwatering Gear, Gadgets & Home Products

Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2013 by

Drool’d is an online magazine about stuff to drool over, from gadgets to places. On it you will discover new, useful or unusual things everyday.

Stuff you’ll Drool Over!

Drool’d is a magazine about stuff we love to look at, fantasize of how will it feel like to own it, but most probably will never have. On this exquisitely curated site you will find products that are so beautiful, so sexy and most of the times useless, you will just crave to have them. Whether its a folding electric bike, a Corkcicle wine chiller, an 8-bit rose, awesome decals to style your garage door or crazy places and activities like an inflatable trampoline bridge, you’ll find it on this site and they will make you drool!

You might even Buy Something…

I think the best way to describe Drool’d would be: It’s a place for things we love to love. You will find a huge variety of products, some are meant for you to buy, the rest is to inspire and blow your mind. Most of the articles that feature products offer a link to the online shop who offers it, so if you really want it you can find where to buy it online. The general feeling that this site projects is that the people behind it genuinely love awesome stuff and it’s contagious, your fingers will itch, especially with the products that costs less (but are still just as cool 😉 ). Go on and check it out, even if you will not buy anything, good time is guaranteed.


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