AbsoluteVisit: The World’s Top 100 Places! Two Brothers and a Backpack

Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2013 by

Absolute Visit is a journey’s blogroll, created by brothers Brad and Will. Join their adventures while they make their dream come true, striving to visit each one of their ‘World’s Top 100 Places’ list.

When a Traveling Fantasy becomes a Reality!

Whether you’re planning the trip of a lifetime or just daydreaming at work, AbsoluteVisit is an inspiration for how you can make your travels around the world a reality. Brothers Brad and Will started out by making a resource of the top 100 places to travel. They fell so in love with the idea of the ultimate trip around the world, that in January, they started the trek through those 100 places. This website offers a ‘play-by-play’ of their current travel adventures as they visit all of the Top 100 Places.

Sometimes Dreams Come True!

What Brad and Will are doing should inspire us all not to give up on our dreams. Taking a pause in the ‘real world’ may sound somewhat impossible to the average Joe, but not to Brad and Will. Making a good quality blog the way they did may actually sponsor their trip if they maintain it with only good content and inspiring photos, enough clicks can bring them advertisers that can contribute significantly to their pockets. The All My Faves team are happy to contribute to these two courageous young boys while they pursue their dreamJoin this breath taking journey and get inspired, if nothing else it can finally convince you that your own dreams can become a reality as well!


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