Brayola – Finding the Perfect Bra is Easy

Posted on Monday, April 8th, 2013 by

Get your own personal bra shop with Brayola. The only place to see bras you will love based on your style, size and shape. Powered by women everywhere.

All Shapes and Sizes

Having a tough time finding the perfect bra? You’re in luck because Brayola helps women of all shapes and sizes discover new bras according to their personal taste and size. Women tell Brayola about the bra they love to wear, and the site creates a personal shop based on other women exactly like them, so they get a personal shop filled with bras that they are going to love, taken from hundreds of brands (such as Victoria’s Secret, Chantelle, Maidenform, Panache, etc) Brayola then directs women to the best place to buy these bras.


The More, The Better

Brayola crowd sources to the worlds largest bra database. Bras are not as fun to shop for as for example, shoes. Every woman has a different fit, size and style, and these vary between brands. Brayola helps women discover new bras by giving them personal recommendations, based on women exactly like them. So every woman that comes to Brayola gets a personalized shop according to their personal style, size and shape (so no more trying on hundreds of bras, not knowing if they will feel great!) As well as offering users a personalized shop Brayola also shows women where the best deals are and the best places to buy them. So woman everywhere, are you ready for the bra shopping revolution? click here to try it out yourselves.


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