Lovely Package – Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover?!

Posted on Monday, April 8th, 2013 by

Lovely Package is simple in its purpose, to curate the very best packaging designs. The website features work of people all over the world and just about anyone can submit their work.

Curating the Very Best Packaging Design

The classic saying states you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but lets be honest people, we are creatures of habit. Meaning no matter what, look and overall appearance will always play a part in the way we perceive things on a day-to-day basis; Packaging, objects, people, life, food… etc. So if we can’t change this undeniable fact of life, why not instead of fighting against it don’t we simply embrace and accept it. Well that’s exactly what Lovely Package strives to do by featuring only the best appearing packaging. Formatted as a blog, the website presents their users with eye pleasing designs for wrappers, boxes, bags, electronic packaging and much more. Divided into 22 different categories, the blog is simple, posts are acccompanied by a beautiful image of the design, some info about the artist, country of origin, and some info about the product.

Amateurs and Experts Alike Unite!

No matter if your a veteran designing expert, or just an amateur starting off your career and want some exposure, Lovely Package features people from all different skill sets. Submitting work to Lovely Package is a great expose opportunity for agencies, independent designers, clients and students alike. With over half a million people visiting monthly from over 200 countries your work is sure to be seen on a large scale. Editors will review your submission and if they feel it’s a good fit, it will be featured on Lovely Package. Although people may say the website is too bland; only featuring packaging designs and therefore getting repetitive, the website is perfect for people looking for inspirations for designing their own packaging. All in all, the website is presented in an attractive and engaging manner and definitely worth a check-out!

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