BarkBox: Pet Supplies To Make Your Dog Love You!

Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2012 by

You may be the first to tell anyone “I love my dog”, but does your dog love you? Well we’ve found a new way to make sure he/she does: It’s a subscription service for pet supplies, and it’s called BarkBox!

Why go shopping for pet supplies, when you can get them delivered?

The main idea behind BarkBox is that we dog lovers waste a lot of time, effort and money researching and shopping for what we think might be the best pet supplies. Instead of stressing ourselves out, or getting stuck with the same old brands, BarkBox delivers a nice box in the post monthly, filled with pet supplies, yummy treats & fun samples from great brands we love but haven’t yet discovered.

“Convenient Discovery”: Why BarkBox Is Right On Trend

When we clapped our eyes on BarkBox we knew straight away that we had another winner. We’ve reviewed a number of websites in late 2011/2012 focusing in on a growing online trend for making our lives more convenient with monthly home delivery services.

While some – like Dollar Shave Club – focus solely on convenience, others – like Birchbox, and now BarkBox – are an innovative combination of convenience and product discovery. Call it ‘Convenient Discovery’ if you like!

It appears to be working too, as Internet users are flocking to convenient discovery services like Birch (and Bark) Box in order to keep up with what’s new and good, without even having to leave the house.

Bottom Line on BarkBox Pet Supplies:

BarkBox delivers pet supplies from brands you’ll love but haven’t yet discovered. You can purchase monthly delivery for $29 a month, or pay for 3 months at $21 or 6 months at $17 a month. Make your dog love you by clicking here and checking out BarkBox!

For more great websites filled with lovely pet stuff, head to All My Faves Pets, and add it to your homepage today!

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