Homemint: Design Your Home With… Justin Timberlake!?

Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2012 by

HomeMint is a stylish, new online home design store. Surprisingly it’s being curated by everyone’s favorite Sean Parker impersonator/gangster movie wannabe/N-Sync heartbreaker, Justin Timberlake and his trusty stylist!

Purchasing home decor online, with a personal touch

The concept behind HomeMint is what got us to choose it as a Weekly Fave. Unlike other online retailers, HomeMint gives you a fun, little ‘taste test’ when you register, then recommends items to you based on your choices in the test. In theory then, HomeMint is an online home decor store personalized to my design taste… sounds great doesn’t it? 

But how personal really is Justin’s magic touch?…

Well, a bit of a problem there… When I registered on HomeMint I took the ‘taste test’ and marked my style: I’m a family man; I like simple, country-style designs; love retro stuff; and my favorite part in my home is the back yard…

You can imagine my shock then when I found out that Danny, our beloved editor; 10 years younger than me; living the fast, single life; and loves modern, minimalistic designs… got the exact same ‘recommendations’ from HomeMint as his ‘top matches’!  So maybe, just maybe HomeMint does not really personalize itself to us, but rather tries to get us to buy what it wants us to…

Since when was Justin Timberlake passionate about home decor?

This being Justin Timberlake’s (and his stylist’s) website, it’s got enough hype (and probably funding) to give it a greater chance of succeeding than your usual attempts at a disruptive home decor online retailer. We have to say, it’s definitely a change in our perception of good old Justin – from social media savvy actor to aspiring pillow curator… Do you think that Justine’s ‘N Sync / Hollywood background qualifies him to help you design your home? Try it and let us know, until then: Bye, Bye, Bye!

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