Top 10 Shocking Kardashian Facts and Secrets

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KUWTK-imageA social media junky, reality TV star, and an infamous sex symbol, Kim Kardashian is one of the hottest celebrities from America. Her family shares many embarrassing and alerting secrets and facts.

The Kardashians are More Fake than you Thought

Throughout her lifetime, Kris Jenner has married two very famous men: Robert Kardashian, the lawyer for O.J. Simpson’s trial, & Bruce Jenner, a famous Olympic athlete. She shares 3 daughters with Robert Kardashian: Kim, Kourtney & Khloe. They also have a son, Rob. After their divorce, she gave birth to Kendall and Kylie, the two younger sisters, with Bruce Jenner. They share many secrets and private matters, some of which slip out by mistake.

1) Kim’s Makeup Secret

kim1The 5’2” star, Kim K is a huge lover of contour, a makeup process using shadows to highlight your best features. She can spend 30 min – 1 hour just contouring. She is well known to work with a celebrity makeup artist, Mario, & she attended beauty school at the age of 14. According to stewardesses, Kim occasionally comes to the airport makeup-less and there’s nothing beautiful about her. “She’s all fake,” she claims, describing her as a very self-centered person that wants her space and privacy. Although, to the help of some really talented makeup artists, the Kardashians are described as gorgeous in person. For instance, an American stewardess describes Khloe as “gorgeous” but then admits it’s most likely due to the “really, really heavy makeup.”

2) Rob Kardashian Tragedy

Rob Kardashian is fighting and struggling from depression, suffering from grandiose weight gain of 50 pounds, anxiety, and does not take part in the series “Keeping up with the Kardashians” anymore. His family is very concerned about him and seeks help for him, but Rob refuses and denies he needs any therapy or rehab.

3) Kardashian Show Scripted

Kardashian admitted in a 2011 interview that “She has the right to edit and approve all footage.” According to Robert Kardashian’s widow: “The entire saga … was orchestrated by the Kardashians off-screen and then scripted for the episode.” Some proof indicating this includes bloggers noticing Kim with the same hair and makeup in paparazzi shots dating to December 6 as dating to a clip from her TV series. Her proposal from Kris Humphries was reshot several times, for the sake of a better image for Kim. Keeping up with the Kardashians, in October. Even the main house in which they do all the filming is rented just for the show.

4) Kardashian Fitness

Khloe, struggling with her love for food, works out with personal celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson nearly every day. From boxing circuits to weight training (anything but surfing), she enjoys switching up her workouts every day to keep the excitement flowing. She also loves going on hikes and walks with her sisters. Khloe pursues long term diets rather than Deprivation, believing that there is no quick-fix. During Kim’s pregnancy Kim would run 3 miles on her treadmill.

5) Kris Loves Alcohol

“Kris”, a talk show by Kris Jenner was cancelled due to the fact that she always came on set late and hungover. She is known to get out of control often due to her drinking, drinking so much she can’t even walk straight, and walking into walls.

6) Scott Disick’s Problem

From partying almost every day of the week, Scott Disick’s alcohol problem is blatantly expressed as we often see him very drunk on the show. He can be described as “constantly drunk.” He has been in rehab at least twice.

7) Grandiose Self-Esteem

Kim Kardashian’s ex, Damon Thomas, has spilled some of Kim’s traits. He announced that she wants the world to portray her as perfect, but many people would describe her as a fame whore. In the days before the family’s fame Kris claims that “Nothing is too good for our family — even the children’s clothing was always purchased at exclusive boutiques.” The Kardashian, Kourtney, is actually a very “rude” person. Her housekeepers would describe her as “the rudest one”.

8) Kim Is a Mess

Not only does Kim wear full makeup at all times, she also sleeps in it, according to a source, “every morning her sheets would be covered in makeup.” Usually, her house is “bearable” unlike her bathroom and bedroom, which her housekeepers claim is “disgusting” to tidy up. If two words could describe Kim’s room it would be “beyond filthy”, often leaving clothes on the floor for others to pick up. A maid claims when Kim entered her room that the housemaids had spent much time on tidying up, the room was trashed “like a tornado had just gone through it.” Her sister’s boyfriend, Scott Disick is an “utter mess” himself: “He’d leave food everywhere and crumbs covered his bed.” However, her sister Kourtney is a “neat freak”.

9) Kaitlyn Jenner

Bruce Jenner, formerly known as Kaitlyn Jenner, previously decided to show the world who she really was, winning the Arthur Ache Courage Award. He always felt that he was not the gender of the body he grew up in, trying on his sister’s clothes, stuck in the wrong body, he always felt like a “she.” Before all of the details became public, there were hints that induce this, such as painting his nails and avoiding conversations on camera linked to this struggle. The first time the episode aired there were 2.7 million viewers, and the following week the number dropped to 1.3 million.

10) Family Fights

Robert and Kris share tension with each other. His decline is very much influenced due to his family’s image. He is accused to have “strange humor,” such as his comparison of Kim to Amy Dunne, the psycho killer in Gone Girl. However, his relations with older sister Khloe remain positive as she usually comes to his defense. The three Kardashian sisters have common fights, which was the reason Kourtney didn’t join Kim on her trip to Armenia. Apparently there “wasn’t enough room on the plane for her and Kim’s ego.” Kim is often described as the bossy one. “Kourtney knew that any trip with her would have meant dealing with whatever Kim wanted and doing whatever Kim wanted.” Kim is also suspected to be jealous of her sister’s successful international modeling career.

11) Before Fame

From diets since the age of 13, makeup classes, rising into the spotlight from her friendship with Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian was very centered on appearance. Her mother, Kris, born in San Francisco, was not always married to Bruce Jenner. In the younger years she was a flight attendant & that’s the time she met Robert Kardashian, whom she married in 1978. The three Kardashian sisters attended an all-girls catholic school, which Khloe left because she preferred homeschool and she didn’t fit in. Khloe isn’t the best at coping with stress, her hair fell out after her father’s death and she wore wigs and extensions for some time.

That’s Some Embarrassing Stuff!

The Kardashians are great at hiding many secrets, and they are portrayed very differently in the media than their true selves. You can love or hate them, but their image is all over the world. Most people would call them “famous for being famous.”

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