That’s My Boss – Unfit Manager Stories Revealed

Posted on Monday, November 22nd, 2010 by

That’s My Boss – “United we stand against the tyranny of those who make us work weekends, put in extra hours, take work calls over holiday breaks, and question our use of vacation days…when they’re our damn vacation days!” –this strong outcry alone made me curious. Reading further the About page of That’s My Boss reveals the team’s solid manifesto: “So keep your ears and eyes open, record the hypocrisy of your workplace…of your bosses, department heads, and anyone else who tells you to fill out a TPS Report in triplicate. This is your chance for revenge.”

Each post is a true story, submitted by anonymous (and utterly frustrated) employees across the country, rightly venting out their miserable circumstances at work caused by unfit managers. See the post below, The REM Cycle which made me laugh. Another good one is A Cigarette Earned. By the way, That’s My Boss is also a Weekly Blog winner, so give it a nice round of applause please!

To submit your own That’s My Boss story (anonymously of course), click here.

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