Rewarder: It’s Easy to Make Money Online

Posted on Monday, April 1st, 2013 by

Rewarder is a social marketplace, connecting those on a personally-significant pursuit with real people who can help. It’s the best place to mobilize an online community of more than 100,000 savvy, resourceful experts who are willing and eager to give guidance or to find the hard-to-find.

Helping People help People!

You can post a Reward for just about anything – from the practical (e.g. a customized fitness plan or travel itinerary) to the personal (e.g. a rare collectible, long-lost friend, or missing pet) – and you offer a financial incentive to motivate people to suggest their best solutions. Need help finding something? Looking for guidance? Rewarder’s goal: helping people help people. They believe that with the right people looking, it can be found – whatever it is. They also believe everyone has expertise that is valuable to someone, and it’s our job to connect those on a personally-significant pursuit with real people who can help. What you know is valuable! Rewarder has people and businesses that are offering 1000s of rewards that you could win with your knowledge and expertise. It’s that easy. When people ask a question or propose a solution, Rewarder will notify you via email.

Reward Yourself – Looking for some extra cash?

To win a Reward, select a Reward posting you want to win, then click the red “Win this Reward!” button. Enter your solution, and submit it to the Rewarder. There will most likely be multiple solutions for this Reward, so make sure yours is detailed and convincing. The Rewarder has the option to declare a winner, reply and request more information, or decline a solution. If you’re declared the winner, congratulations! Rewarder will forward your Reward to your account. Once your Reward winnings balance is at least $10, you may cash out at anytime. So next time you’re either looking for some extra cash or need something done by experts, refer to Rewarder, I know I will!



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