Upworthy: The Most Worthy Viral Ideas on the Web

Posted on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 by

Are you tired of the endless stream of videos that seems to clog up your newsfeed and are just plain silly? Upworthy brings interesting videos full of life and information you never knew…but should.

Viral ideas with a message

Besides the endless cat videos the web has to offer (and let’s be honest, you and I both LOVE those), sometimes we may miss out on the more important things that actually affect you and others around us. Upworthy finds the latest pictures,videos, and infographs that demonstrate an idea that we should all care about. If you’re interested in more things like it, you can be shown more relevant videos and articles on a similar subject.

Upworthy believes they are “social media with a mission” and they have proved themselves as the messengers with a purpose. After viewing one of their posts, Upworthy’s hope is that you will share something that affected you with friends, and even learn more about the cause.

After clicking “What books people don’t want you to read after you finish 50 shades of grey” I saw a picture full of books and a key of why books were being challenged to be taken our the library with topics like sexism, homosexuality, drugs, sexually explicit, violence and more.

Videos with meaning

There are endless videos on various topics. I watched a video about a kickstarter idea, “Goldiblox” a way to get girls out of “princess” toys and into building and thinking.I was also brought to an ad which at first seems to be about civil rights for humans, but then shows that certain animals are being discrimnated against and is trying to promote veganism. Even a “what it’s like to live with autism” video. Essentially the point is for you to see and read interesting things that are relevant to you and the rest of society.

With Buzzfeed and Facebook backing it, Upworthy is here to provide viral material that makes a difference. Replace one cat video a day with an Upworthy post and see how you feel after.While you may not agree with everything the videos, pictures, infographs, or article show you they all make you think…and want to share. Want to know what other people think about the video you saw? Post to facebook and twitter and start a discussion with your friends. If you want to see something cool by learning something new check out Upworthy and share the stories with your friends.

Watch this featured video from Upworthy…it’s so good even the cats are watching.

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