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Posted on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 by

The Gadget Flow will keep you constantly updated of the newest, freshest, most unique and beautifully designed gadgets of the highest quality. Warning:  upon entering this site you will probably end up buying something…

 Heaven for Gadget lovers…

 The Gadget Flow showcases the top gadgets that the web has to offer. On this platform you are sure to find the gadgets you need for your Office and your Home along with some cool gift ideas.

Some of the gadgets are expensive and some are really cheep, so it seems that the quality of the product is the thing that determines whether a gadget gets in or being cut. All the gadgets I have seen on The Gadget Flow offered something useful and had a strong emphasis on their design. Hey, after all, our dorky hobby has to look sexy…. doesn’t it? 😉

“unique layout… both responsive and lightning fast”

We caught up with founder of The Gadget Flow, Evan Varsamis, this week. Here’s what he had to say:

“Gadgets are hot right now, as they have been since the beginning of the millennium, and for those who love them, it can be difficult to get enough. So many fascinating new gadgets are now coming out on a regular basis that gadget fans definitely need a way to keep up with it all.

“Those looking to learn all about the newest and most innovative in top gadgets are going to find themselves right at home at The Gadget Flow, a new website that aims to keep fans up to the minute on all the coolest new gadgets and become the #1 online destination for gadgets of all kinds.

Not only does the site offer plenty of gorgeous photos of each of the gadgets it covers, its unique layout is both responsive and lightning fast, something tech savvy fans are sure to appreciate.”

Clearly made by guys who love what they do

The Gadget Flow is part of Cloudie Network which is a creative network of websites, all designed beautifully. Like AllMyFaves, The Gadget Flow crew constantly add content to the website in order to be updated daily so you know that you will not see the same stuff over and over again. If you are interested on showcasing your own gadgets this site may be the best platform for you because it actually encourages unknown developers to step to the front of their platform. Got time to kill? Love gadgets? This is the site for you then. (Just make sure you ready your credit card though, resisting that purchase is hard, trust me!)



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