Top 20 Unusually Stunning Beautiful Hot Models of the World

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americasmodelsThe world has too many models to count! So we have found some of the coolest/hottest models alive today, from all around the world.

The World’s Most Beautiful Women

Many girls dream to become a model. There are so many different kinds of modeling such as fashion, glamour, and runway, but each one requires some type of beauty. It is not easy to make it as a model since the competition is very high, but these girls have what it takes and managed to make a name for themselves.


1) Natalie Pack

Natalie Pack, Miss California 2006, an America’s Next Top Model contestant, is constantly growing her 82K fan page on Instagram. She has an alluring style, posts pictures of exotic beaches, family photos, her dog Fig and many creative, stunning modeling pictures!

2) Abby Lee Kershaw

Abby Lee Kershaw is a vigorous fashion model. She started modeling at 17 and became “popular in a blink of an eye.” She has posed for some of the top photographers alive. She is the face of Chloe and Gucci’s fragrance – Flora. She modeled for some of the world most fashionable brands, such as Versace, and she has a famous catwalk.

 3) Fei Fei Sun

Fei Fei Sun, a Chinese model taking part in 10 agencies located in different fashion capital cities such as Milan & Paris, has a very edgy and sophisticated style. She spilled her secret to her beautiful skin and it’s as simple as wearing sunscreen. When she was younger, her mother would remind her to wear it everyday. Her other beauty secrets include washing her hair everyday and lots of primer.

4) Sophia Vergara

Sophia Vergara, a sexy American actress, ranking high on Instagram’s hottest lists, was nominated consecutively for Emmy and Golden Globe awards. She started rising to fame as a photographer noticed her beauty on a beach, and soon she was flaunting herself on a Latin American Pepsi commercial. She could be described as very elegant with great taste. She is also very kind.

5) Lais Deleon

Lais Deleon is one of the world top fitness models. She has a website, with tips on how to achieve her strong physique. She is very famous for her hardcore abs. Her images portray her “fit” lifestyle, pictures of clean meals, workout exercises and lots of selfies.

6) Jen Setler

Famous for her squats, they say Jen Settler’s butt speaks for herself. It’s hard to take your eyes off it. She is a fitness trainer and started blogging about her “perfect” behind in March 2012. When her Instagram account reached 300,000, she started receiving endorsement offers due to the likes of big pages such as Nike and Reebok. This proves that having a nice butt brings you far in life, unfortunately, or not.

7) Josephine Skriver

The 22 year old green eyed beauty, is a Dutch model from Copenhagen, walking many upscale runways in New York. She has many Instagram pictures showing off her supermodel figure and her glamorous lifestyle.

8) Val Mercado

A model for Buffalo jeans, Val Mercado has stunning eyes, lips, and most importantly great curves. Open mouthed selfies with cat eye eyeliner make up most of her Instagram account. Before fame she would suffer from depression and used social media as a way to cope. Later she was juggling two jobs and modeling, changing her major to journalism and pursuing a career as a red carpet reporter.

9) Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny, one of the most experienced models, with one of the most diverse portfolios up to date, has a very playful personality. She is a playmate as well. Her videos will guarantee a laugh; she is one of the funniest girls on Instagram. Her favorite cheat meal is “CHOCOLATE!!!” She could eat it all day if it didn’t give diabetes.

10) Barbara Palvin

barbara pavlin2Barbara Palvin, an impeccable popular model in Germany and US, has a very artistic, unique style, published in some of the hottest magazines such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan. She has a very fierce look. She is said to be Hungary’s most popular person, and even had a fling with Justin Beiber.

11)  Valeria Lukyanova

She had always had an obscured vision, first appearing in a dream, a vision to become a human Barbie. Her fame began when she started uploading self-shot videos to YouTube, attracting a grand audience. Through many surgical operations, she earned her title of “Human Barbie.” In person people portray her as “scary,” appearing as a “manga” cartoon character.

12) Diana Melison

22 and currently living in Moscow, one of Russia’s hottest models and women, Diana Melison, certainly makes it to our list. Melison is a size 3 model, representing the “hot body” of a Russian girl. The 5”7 brown eyed model enjoys taking “smoking hot” videos on her YouTube and Instagram account.

 13) Franchesca Delcaprio

Franchesca Delcaprio an Italian and Colombian bombshell that is more of a glamour model, obsessed with going to the beach and uses sex as a stress reliever, she pursues a very successful modeling career. After her looks fade she wants to explore the world, to experience different cultures, countries and languages.

14) Elise Natalie


Miss Tropic beauty 2015, one of the top bikini model agencies, Elise Natalie, has one of the hottest bodies and resumes out there. She has been featured in over 25 newspapers/magazines. With some of the most beautiful pictures on Instagram, Elise is shockingly 26 years old, and she loves to show off her hot body. She has great business skills which really helped her market herself.

15) Olivia Campbell

Olivia is one of America’s first plus size models. She is surely not shy as she poses with ultra-confidence in a bikini at over 200 pounds, not only is she plus size but she is 44 years old. She has modeled for some great magazines such as Monif C., Slink Magazine, Skorch Magazine, Plus Model Magazine.

16) Georgia May Jagger

Georgia May Jagger, the daughter of Mick Jagger, is a teenage inspiration. She has been featured in countless magazine covers, and the modeling world is a huge excitement for her. Surprisingly, in a Yahoo interview she admits that she is not very confident.

17) Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima, a Catholic Brazilian supermodel who likes to keep her age a secret, is one of the highest paid people in the world.  She is a very loving person and believes that ”love just happens once. You can be mistaken, you can think you are in love, but after a while you discover that you’re really not. Real love is different.” You can really see the passion in her blue eyes.

18) Hannah Davis

A lot of people wonder, who is Hannah Davis? To quench your curiosity, she is a New York Yankee’s girlfriend, born in the US Virgin Islands, a published model in brands such as Victoria’s secret, Tommy Hilfiger, & Ralph Lauren, and, lastly, a dog lover.

19) Cara Delevingne

A very popular model with some very cool friends such as Rhianna, Rita Ora, and the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Cara Delevinge always tries to have a smile on her face. Born in London, she always believed in a very interesting phenomenon: “The energy you give off is the energy you receive.” She is a vogue-style model, a highest-fashion magazine, her face is portrayed all around the world.

20) Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is a teen sensation. Before she was a model, which her sister Kim Kardashian talked her into, she was a cheerleader. In 2010, she was voted #10 hottest young stars of 2010. Her first jobs include Forever 21, Nordstrom and Luca Couture, after which her modeling career started to skyrocket.

Hope You Enjoyed These Hotties!

It is not hard to find a beautiful girl. They are all over the world! These girls embrace some of the most beautiful traits, their exoticness will keep them on your mind.

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