StreetPeeper – Spotting Well-Dressed People Around the World

Posted on Monday, January 31st, 2011 by

Street Peeper – A winning Weekly Blog, Street Peeper is a fine Sartorialist counterpart, offering high definition photos of well-dressed men and and women (young and beautiful of course) in various global cities.

To explore the cool looks on StreetPeeper, simply click an image on the homepage – these are recent entries. Another option is viewing lookbooks by cities, or by typing a label name or style (i.e. Marc Jacobs) in StreetPeeper’s search box. Another option for checking out street fashion is through the news section. The person behind StreetPeeper and the camera is Phil, a style-savvy guy who started this project following what he calls a “variety of odd-jobs.” Here are a couple of looks I loved.

Moncler Jacket – Copenhagen, December 2008

Twisty Russian Lady – Paris, January 2011

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