SpinCam – App of the Week: Create Dynamic Memories With A 360° Spin

Posted on Sunday, March 18th, 2012 by

 It’s not a photo, It’s not a video, It’s a ‘Spin’!

We’ve asked this before (see the brilliant TourWrist or Cinemagram): Are photos becoming outdated? As more and more apps start creating dynamic, moving alternatives to the traditional, flat photo, this question is getting asked more and more often. Whether this is actually a replacement for taking photos (we don’t think it is yet…), Spincam is a really fun, novelty $1 app that allows you to create an often hilarious spinning 360 degree dynamic image of what’s around you.

An app best used with friends:

We’ve been testing it out at the All My Faves HQ all week, and in our humble opinion, SpinCam really comes into it’s own at parties or when you’re just goofing around with your friends. You stand very still, hold your iPhone out in front of you, and then spin around extremely slowly, capturing what’s around you. The fun part is that because it’s done frame by frame, the people or objects around you really do appear to be moving, a bit like one of those old fashioned flipbooks people used to play with to create moving stories before the days of film. And after you make your ‘spin’, it’s displayed for other users of the app to ‘like’. The pic below is a screenshot from one of the best ‘spins’ being featured on SpinCam currently, click it to take a look for yourself at what exactly a ‘spin’ is!

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