Shotkit: Inside The Bags of the World’s Finest Photographers

Posted on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 by

shotkit55Shotkit showcases photographers, camera gear and other products.

Peek Inside That Camera Bag

shotkit2Shotkit was founded by Sydney-based wedding photographer Mark Condon. The site was built for fellow photography enthusiasts — both professional and amateur — to learn from Mark and each other about their craft. The main draw of the site is the “Featured Photographers” section. It contains profiles of different photographers from around the world, including their own photographs as well as a peek inside their gear bags. You can get inspiration for what type of gear to purchase by reading short reviews written by photographers you respect. It’s great to see how photographers use different tools to achieve different results, and no two camera bags are exactly alike.


Photography Challenges

shotkit4Shotkit also features interviews with photographers as well as product links and reviews. Condon maintains a regularly-updated blog on the site, with tons of useful photography-related tips and tricks. All of the content on Shotkit is separated into sections based on the type of photography — Landscape, Portrait, Sports, Street, Wedding or Other. There’s also a section of the site called “Challenges,” which was created in partnership with Gurushots. You can submit photos around certain themes in the attempt to win cash prizes. If you’re not the competitive type, it’s just as rewarding to browse Shotkit’s immense trove of photographer and camera bag profiles. If you want to support the site, click one of the Amazon links and buy something.


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