Shit My Kids Ruined – A Mess Only A Mother Could Love

Posted on Monday, July 26th, 2010 by

Shit My Kids Ruined – Kids will be kids, and this is particularly true for the chaotic, draw-on-everything, spill-whatever-is-in-your-hands, phase young children are known for. Julie Haas Brophy woke up one morning to find out her little boy spilled a can of black paint all over her living room carpet. She posted photos of the mess on Facebook and she got reactions from all over. The next morning Julie decided to make an actual documentary-like blog of such mishaps in the house caused by her kids, husband and dog.

The result is Shit My Kids Ruined (or SMKR for short). Be sure to check out the domain in the future since the tumblr site might become obsolete sometime in the future. See some photos below of what it’s like in Julie’s house. I admire great projects that started out as an ordeal, and Julie has turned what other mothers would consider a continual disaster into a hilarious and fun thing. Go Julie! By the way, SMKR was also a Weekly Blog on our Blogs page, and users all over flocked to her site – she scored very high on popularity. Therefore SMKR made it to the Weekly Faves lineup.

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