Project Noah – Learn About and Share the Wonders of Nature via Your Mobile

Posted on Monday, July 11th, 2011 by

Project Noah – What initially started out as an experimental project by NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program later became a mobile app – the interactive and social platform, Project Noah, where ‘scientific spotting’ are entered by users all over the world, and shared with the community. This, as Project Noah’s creators hope, will serve as a “go-to platform for documenting all the world’s organisms and through doing this we hope to develop an effective way to measure Mother Nature’s pulse.” And the best part of Project Noah? It’s designed to work on mobile phones (started with the iPhone). This means you can take a shot of that weird-looking beetle you found during your hike in the woods, and share it on Project Noah, thereby learning more about that organism.

Here’s a screenshot showing what users recently spotted in nature and shared with the Project’s community. Each image you click on takes you to a page where you can see the animal photo’s full size, discover who posted it and where was this taken. This app is particularly beneficial to families with young children, as it’s a wonderful way to experience and learn about the environment and the creatures living within it.

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