One for the Guys: Top 10 Must-Visit Sites for Men

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Sometimes you just have to celebrate the common man. John Male loves his easy chair with easy access to his beer fridge and even easier access to the Plasma TV remote. John Male LOVES football. John Male doesn’t DO chick flicks. He DOES what he likes. John Male’s got 1 problem though… He can’t find any fresh, new sites online made just for him. And we’re writing this article to come to the rescue of frustrated men everywhere, with a really rather cool mix of man-focused websites that go beyond the GQ’s and Men’s Healths of the Web. Here’s our list of the Top 10 absolute best sites for men (nudity excluded)…


Now don’t get complacent just because you’ve heard of one, we’re starting you off gently… 😉 Wired may be famous already, but frankly it’s just so comprehensive in its mancontent (we’re tradmarking that term! – ed) that no Top 10 Websites for Guys list could be complete without it.

Aside from an in-depth coverage of the entire tech world, Wired Magazine’s online version covers cars, entertainment, science, politics, gaming, product reviews, an immense video section and a how-to category worth checking out. Engaging writing. Focused content. Wired(.com) just the way we like it!

2. Uncrate

This men-only blog, my friends, is a bundle of male joy. (Most of) the guys in our HQ are completely addicted to what is probably the most manbeautifully designed site in this list (not sure we’re trademarking that term! -ed). Uncrate covers every aspect occupying the hipster guy’s mind: gear, rides, entertainment, style, culture, body and living. Uncrate is amazing to look at, with large hi-res images in practically every post. Just click around and explore your new Man Bible.

3. Cool Material

Another man-centric blog here. And it’s got as much charm as a man-centric blog could have. Cool Material is dead serious about presenting the top gear and fashion finds any urban man would crave. Take this CXXVI Handmade iPhone Wallet for example. Top stuff. Aside from gear, Cool Material offers great content on cars, fashion, tech and media. Click here to check it out.  

 4. Bro Bible

We mentioned that Uncrate, in at No.2, was a ‘Man Bible’. Well this is the BRO Bible; for the college dude in all of us! Packed with absolutely everything a true ‘bro’ could want from a website: funny videos, slideshows, brotherly advice, top 10 lists, music recommendations, hot girls, fantasy football picks… And yet what makes this site essential is that its a community (actually, a “brommunity”). All those features are added to organically by a global community of online guys who just wanna help each out, which means that if you need some advice; wanna share a party photo, hook up story or a just a great tune… you’ve got a global group of buds on tap! Click here to browse the “Bible”.

5. The Chive

Don’t let the funny name fool you. The Chive is all about satisfying the needs of the sophisticated gent. And yes of course that does mean more funny videos, awesome sports game moments caught on video, or beautiful photos of sexy eye candy girls (no nudity of course). Definitely sophisticated… Erm, well if you don’t believe that and are just looking for a testosterone fueled fix, The Chive‘s video, girls, funny, randomness, games and HQ sections should satisfy the inner beast in you!




This site is the most sexy one of the list, and once you enter Werd you’ll see why. Each post is 75% high quality photo and 25% text, a ratio which is the winning formula in my view when it comes to entertaining men. offers a regularly updated feed of the most posh gear, fashion and accessories, sports cars, even ‘groom,’ among other categories. Each item showcased on Werd includes a link to its respective store which allows easy purchasing. See these cool sunglasses by Oliver Peoples Bernardo as an example.


7. COED Magazine


This men’s magazine seems to be the perfect fit for young men in college. You can tell this by the title (duh), by the dominant section of girls in bikinis and the extremely dedicated coverage of Amanda Kerr. COED offers great entertaining content on movies and TV, sports, gear and style, lifestyle related posts and videos. In short, if you’re a college student and your fraternity fails to deliver the excitement you’re after, COED Magazine’s website is your spot.


8. The Awesomer

A most definite men’s website, The Awesomer constitutes one of the best time wasters for men. Aside from its rich style and gadgets categories worth exploring, The Awesomer offers great humor (in the form of photos and videos), software and website recommendations, among other fields. I suggest starting with The Awesomer’s Top Rated posts section. That’s where I found this cool Eiffel Tower skating jump (Taig Khris) video.


9. The Bleacher Report

This Top 10 list won’t be complete without at least one decent sports site. Hence, No. 9, the wonderful Bleacher Report. This sports site carries all the goodies you’d expect for a fulfilling adrenaline rush. With over 14 different sports categories, Bleacher Report covers successfully all the important events from start to finish, and offers amazing photos and videos on each page. Whether you’re more into the American baseball and football or you follow the European soccer leagues, the Bleacher Report has it all.

10. AMF’s Men MiniFaves

This designated page for men offers a comprehensive collection of top-rated websites for the male audience, including all the sites listed in this post plus many others worth checking out. Great sports, funny videos, cool fashion tips and beautiful girls – what more could a man possibly ask for? To see the entire list of sites, click the image below.

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