MSNBC Powerwall – The Gossip on the Day’s Movers & Shakers

Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2011 by

MSNBC Powerwall – The media giant MSN has come up with a refreshing, upbeat approach to present and talk about the day’s news figures, whether related to politics, culture, entertainment or business -the ‘power players’ of the day’s events. With a strong emphasis on visually pleasing interface, the Powerwall offers dynamic pages which create an orderly image dance once a particular story is chosen, allowing for the desired news story to catch the page’s central space.

What Powerwall essentially offers is a sexy one-stop place that gathers the hottest stories from the entire network’s news programs and channels. The end result is impressive, and as previously mentioned, nice on the eyes as well. Looks promising for now. Here’s what TODAY’s story (on video) about William and Kate coming to America looks like.

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