Momentile: The Photo Diary of your Life

Posted on Monday, August 27th, 2012 by

Momentile is a “picture a day” photo diary that makes it dead simple to chronicle your days and observe the interesting moments of others.

A picture a day keeps the doctor away…

Momentile enables you to tell your tale without ever saying a word, one photo at a time. You can post only one picture everyday, from either your smart phone, email it in, or upload it online.  You should note that you can not do it post factum, so slacking will leave a hole in your diary!

It’s a fun and simple way to chronicle your days through photos, but its not an easy task, picking the one photo that captures the core of your day can be challenging, though creative people like you are probably not intimidated by that…

They say a picture is better than a thousand words….

When you visit the ‘About Page’ of Momentile they write that its a humankind data base for humans in a post apocalypse era… If you ignore the geeky scent of it, it shows you the concept behind this website: a genuine chronicle of someone, through the picture he/she decides to upload each day.

I think that it is a very cool thing to have, a few years from now when my kids are all grown up, and they want to see what it was like in their old man’s time. They can see the difference between my 25th year and theirs… which is an awesome thought.

At the moment it is closed for new members but I am sure Momentile will soon be open for everyone. So give it a try, and be persistent!


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