Desk… Come and See Where Creativity is Born

Posted on Monday, August 27th, 2012 by

The desk. That little corner of creativity where great ideas are born. And now the subject of this interesting, eye-opening blog…


Whats your set-up for creative work?

A desk isn’t just a place people do their work… it’s a whole other project for creators. Desk is a platform for creators to share and find inspiration in the very places they create.. their desks!

It’s a blog that pays tribute to creative professionals’ unsung, most personal work; a portfolio-like site that showcases all sorts of creative people, but instead of profiles or professional achievements, shows off a photo gallery of their desk. The result of this project is a beautiful and  inspiring collage of working spaces.  

Celebrate your working space!

Browsing Desk, you can upload a gallery of your own desk or see galleries of others. The desk is often just as much a work of art as the projects most people who engage in creative work do, and so you can see all kinds of desks and working spaces on Desk.

From spartan, minimalistic desks to desktops overloaded with pop art miniature figures… All is dependent on the user’s taste and concept of productive working environment. Jongmin Kim, the person behind this website, used his desk to create a project that honors every creator’s source of inspiration. Take a peak, and maybe share your Desk with us as well?

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