JibJab e-Cards – Hilarious Sendables for Halloween and Any Other Occasion

Posted on Monday, November 1st, 2010 by

JibJab e-Cards – Even if Halloween is over, JibJab makes the holiday spirit linger on with lots of humor, ingenuity and a great deal of fun. Experts of the funny “Starring You” videos and photos, JibJab outdid themselves this year, with numerous Halloween e-Cards including your special appearance you can share with friends and family – all funny as hell.

Although the JibJab Sendables are perfect for the dress up holiday of Halloween, JibJab is perfect for sending funny e-Cards for practically any occasion; birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, thank you cards, you name it. Simply pick your favorite photo or video e-card starring you, and start making people laugh. The photo below is my customization of JibJab’s Pooch of Darkenss e-Card using the head photo of my favorite four-legged furry friend.

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