How to be a Retronaut – The Photo-Based Time Machine

Posted on Monday, July 11th, 2011 by

How to be a Retronaut – Tap into captivating time capsules in a variety of subjects, thanks to this super cool blog celebrating the wonder of history in digital form. The theme diversity of Retronaut makes it a genuinely encompassing experience in diving into the past right now, in the present. Discover rare photo collections of people and places in various contexts in Retronaut’s well-designed online time-machine.

See the two images below as wonderful examples. The first is an exceptional photo series from TIME magazine in the late 1950s, showing a photo shoot of Christian Dior in Soviet Russia. The second is a chic Polaroid of Sean Young and Rutger Hauer, the cast of Blade Runner (Ridley Scot film, 1982) took while on set. Click on the images to go to the full post and see additional photos.

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