Historypin – Documenting History Brings Generations Closer

Posted on Monday, July 19th, 2010 by

Historypin – A cool collaboration between the social movement We Are What We Do and Google has produced this amazing project focused on an innovative documentation of our collective history. Combining Google Maps (both standard and street views) with your grandparents’ historic photograph and personal story, Historypin brings the young and old generations closer. According to their About page, “Historypin virtually requires you to spend time with someone from a different generation: young people need older people for the photos, and older people need young people to explain when to click and when to double click.”

The Historypin scene as the meeting point of generations is spectacular. The superb interface, the ease of the documentation process and the existing database of other users’ documented photos (over 10,000 entries!) make Historypin a first of its kind in terms of both concept and execution. See the photo of Sydney’s Queen Victoria Markets (posted by Rebekah), dated 1885-1915, with the site’s current appearance in the background. Absolutely amazing. Add your photos and tell your story so the young generation in your family will learn your family’s history. You will need a Google account to sign up and contribute to Historypin.

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