Gurushots: The World’s Greatest Photography Playground

Posted on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 by

gurushots5Join free challenges run by award-winning photographers on Gurushots.

Join A Challenge

gurushots1Gurushots is a platform for photographers with a competitive side. The site hosts several different types of photography challenges, all of which are free to join but could result in a monetary reward. The challenges are all hosted by talented professionals, and they typically consist of a simple yet creativity-inspiring prompt. Timothy Sutherland’s challenge “Juxtaposition,” for instance, asks users to use “the placement of two objects close together or in such a fashion as to define a story, comparison or contrast.” That’s a relatively vague description, but it leaves it open to the photographers’ interpretation. If you have the talent, you could win money by submitting to the challenges.


Vote On Your Favorites

gurushots4Photographers can submit a certain amount of photographs to Gurushots challenges (typically 2) to start. Adding images is as simple as uploading to Imgur, you simply drag and drop a photo to your selected challenge. There are also ways to win bonus submissions, by participating in the site, voting, and through other methods. After the photos have been submitted, anyone can vote on their favorites. If you submitted to a challenge, you can also track your ranking in real time via Gurushots’ analytics system. It’s both fun and easy to join challenges, making Gurushots a useful platform for photographers who want to practice their skills while connecting with other professionals in the active community.


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