FotoJet: Make A Free Photo Collage

Posted on Monday, August 31st, 2015 by

fotojetcoverMake a collage, photo card or poster online using FotoJet.

Quickly Create Collages

fotojet2FotoJet offers one of the simplest ways to create and share a photo collage online. It also offers a platform to create cards or posters using your images. You can get started with the service quickly, launching into a full-service editor with a variety of useful features. Choose from pre-made templates for holidays or special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, or base your poster on a design like 3D, Art, or Creative. Each template comes with a certain amount of photos (the site uses stock images to start, and you can substitute your own in later). All you have to do is drag your own photos onto the blank frames. It’s an incredibly intuitive way of building a collage.


Share Or Download

fotojet5If you don’t choose one of FotoJet’s many templates, you can also work with the “Classic” platform. That’s the method of creating a photo collage that offers the most creative freedom, allowing you to drag as many images as you want in any order onto a completely blank sheet. You can customize tons of detail on your card, from the background color, pattern and image to the border width and image ratio. You can also add text or choose from numerous different clipart options in order to personalize your card. When you’re finished, you can easily share the collage via Facebook or download it as a JPG or PNG file. For all of the features, you can also upload photos directly from your Facebook account as well. Photo collages are one of the best ways to quickly share a group of related photographs, and FotoJet is the one of the best and easiest creation tools on the web. You can start building your collage, download and share it within minutes, for free.


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