eBay LookBook – Shoot and Shop, In That Order

Posted on Monday, October 4th, 2010 by

eBay LookBook – It seems every apparel brand these days offers some form of a look book on its site; there are also very successful sites which offer nothing but user-submitted looks and styles (such as lookbook.nu and the like). Well, eBay is using this fashion trend to its e-commerce advantage, and now, in collaboration with Lucky Magazine, offers the perfect platform to submit, rate and get feedback on your personal style. Why would eBay offer such a think for free? So you will get the urge to shop for more clothes of your taste, on eBay of course.

I believe eBay’s concept is genius. Although users are not by any means obligated to buy anything if they choose to use the LookBook platform, I know I would most certainly be tempted to buy something. The LookBook is easy to use, it’s very inviting and it’s open to everyone, so guys, feel free to submit your look as well. You can also simply browse the gallery, see which styles scored high and continue from there.

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