Cool Pictures: Why Necessary Coolness Is What Guys Want

Posted on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 by

Necessary Coolness is a fun, ingeniously designed website that features everything guys truly want to see on the web. And most importantly, a great way to spend your coffee break!

Necessary Coolness: A Truly brilliant design

Coming hot on the heels of a number of websites trying to become a Pinterest for men (which has struggled to attract and keep male users, probably thanks to the abundance of pictures of fluffy animals, cakes and flowers), comes Necessary Coolness – a site that doesn’t allow you to curate your own selection of cool pictures and links, but simply feeds the cool to you. And it does a genuinely fantastic job at it too!


Of all the picture curation sites we’ve found, Necessary Coolness really raises the bar in terms of design and user experience. It first displays pictures in an interesting, tiled approach with no text . When you click a picture you like, the entire board moves around it as that picture enlarges and gives you more info. You can then choose to go to the site where the photo came from – or if it’s a gadget, even buy the product pictured! You’ll have to try it for yourself – it’s great!


The topics covered by Necessary Coolness are basically all things men traditionally enjoy – everything from art, fashion, movies, music, gadgets, vehicles, girls and more.


 Bottom Line

Necessary Coolness has one of the most innovative designs of any curation site on the web. It caters mostly to men tired of seeing far too many cute kittens on Pinterest; and is a great way to spend a coffee break!

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