Live365 – Listen to thousands of radio stations online

Posted on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 by

Live365 is a massive web radio network that features stations from all over the U.S. Listening to the radio doesn’t have to just be limited to the car any more…

How does Live365 work?

You simply search by genre and all the radio stations that focus on that genre are displayed. Pick a station and you can join in on a live stream of the radio station. Pay to be a VIP and you can even listen to the stations without ads. And for those who consider themselves to be quite the DJ, you can start your own personal broadcasting station using software from Live365 and become featured on the site.

AllMyFaves Music:

Live365 is just the kind of site that we include in our Music Faves. This web radio site allows you to live stream radio music from any genre and any place from the US. And that’s exactly what we look for when curating our collections of the web’s best music sites – something that makes doing things like listening to radio easy. You’ll find Live365 in the Web Radio tab!

Bottom Line

If you love listening to the radio or are inspiring to become a broadcaster, Live365 is another great music site we’ve found for you.


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