Winston: A Personalized Newscast Adjusted to your Taste.

Posted on Monday, March 11th, 2013 by

Winston is your lovable assistant that tells you stories from your social feeds and favorite news sites. For the first time, you can enjoy your social news in a narrated, audiovisual newscast.

 A Personalized Newscast

Winston is a speech-enabled app that turns your social feeds and favorite news sites into a narrated CNN-style news presentation that you can listen to and watch on your iPhone or TV. Winston relies on deep semantic analysis and language automation to intelligently describe what’s happening on your personal web and present it to you in a beautiful, familiar-feeling news presentation that you can listen to and watch. This current age created text-heavy information addictions (Facebook, Twitter, blogs) that force us to constantly lean-forward and read our phones throughout the day. Winston lets you ‘lean back’ by delivering these new addictions in a traditional, time-tested format – as a newscast that you can listen to and watch.


Always know what’s Happening…

Winston is a product for people who are addicted to social media and news content and need an app that will help them stay informed. With this app you can consume your news while waking up, exercising, driving, or just while trying to multitask.While traditional media like NPR and CNN can’t deliver audio/TV news coverage of your personal news and social feeds; Winston can. It’s an artificial assistant that delivers personalized news and social content as an elegant audiovisual news production. So if you always need to stay on top of things but are tired of browsing your iPhone for it, this app was probably made exactly for you.




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