Get Going Today: A New Approach to Attract Students

Posted on Monday, March 11th, 2013 by

Get Going Today is Drexel University’s new campaign, designed to inspire and recruit new students. The site was created by BKWLD who pushed the standard static inspirational quote to the next level through the use of HTML5 video and sound design, ultimately creating a highly sharable sensory experience.

This is how you Brand yourself!

Get Going Today is a great example of how an organization can utilize today’s social medias to it’s advantage. The sole purpose of this site is to get new students to enroll for Drexel University, to acomplish this goal they approached the talented team of BKWLD.  When BKWLD creatives took the job they wanted to create a unique approach to content that was highly sharable amongst popular social networks and internet culture; “inspirational quotes”, thus creating a viral campaign. It’s no secret that inspirational quotes are popular sharable items across all major social networks, but what’s unique about this project is that there’s an added experience attached to the quotes. After a users clicks the image, they are directed to a unique URL where the full sensory experience automatically begins.

Taking Boring, Cheesy Quotes to the Next Level!

Inspired by cinema-graphs, BKWLD pushed the standard static inspirational quote to the next level. Spicing Get Going Today with rebellion, relevancy, and inspiration was conveyed through the use of HTML5 video, sound design and custom tailored quotes to ultimately create a sensory experience that gives insight into the feeling of an underdog, who had been filled with confidence and courage to get up “Get Going” and finally do for something for themselves. A positive reflection on ones self to spark rebellion and liberation. The idea is that these viral quotes will inspire people to believe that if they relate to these quotes interpretations, then Drexel University is the place for them. This site though, is worth seeing even if you are not thinking about going to college…



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