Newspaper Map – All Newspapers from All Over the World in One Place

Posted on Monday, June 20th, 2011 by

Newspaper Map – In today’s age of influx of people, communities and nationalities to and from every location, physical borders are now becoming more obsolete than ever before. The result, as NY Times columnist and best-selling author Thomas Friedman so eloquently explained, is that “The World is Flat.” Newspaper Map brings a whole new meaning to this very concept through the World Wide Web by offering an online reading room for every possible newspaper from virtually every possible country.

Using pinned locations on Google Maps, Newspaper Map offers a visual interactive interface by which you can search, browse and select newspapers from different locations worldwide in different languages. Each newspaper’s language can be translated (using Google Translate of course). This means you can virtually read any newspaper the world has to offer. Once you pick a pinned location, the site will offer a list of translation options so you can read the newspaper regardless of its language of origin. See an example below.

Friedman had it right. The world is flat alright, and we might as well benefit from its ever-increasing connectivity and flow of information. Newspaper Map is a great productive concept we should use to learn better what’s going on in different parts of the world, places and communities hidden to us until now.

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