The New Myspace: Social, Beautiful, and With Music in the Spotlight!

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2013 by

The new Myspace is finally here! The new version offers a great social discovery platform that mainly focuses on music. It’s social and vast but most prominent of all: its beautifully designed.

Myspace Caved In to its Destiny!

The new Myspace is the social and music discovery destination powered by the passion of fans. Music, videos, photos, and TV, made social. Well that’s their slogan… In reality Myspace officially became the music site it has been for some years now, with a fresher, updated and a very ‘Windows 8 alike’ look. The new Myspace is extremely pretty, It incorporates the Windows 8’s trend with big visuals, responsive design,┬áhorizontal scroll and a very easy discovery mechanism. It’s goal is to connect people through their favorite music and they sure made it a beautiful process.

Is Awesome Design Enough?

Now the question is if the new Myspace‘s functionality stands up to the high expectations its design sets. In my opinion it does. The site is very user friendly and intuitive, creating a music stream is easy, allowing you to discover new music through their awesome search: when you start typing from anywhere on the site, the entire window will convert to an enormous instant search screen, or you can discover music through your ‘connections’, meaning your friends and artists you follow. I’ve had a great time using the new Myspace so far, lets hope that they will overcome the wave of copyright lawsuits they now face…


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