The Daily Dot – The Hometown Newspaper of Social Networking

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2013 by

The Daily Dot is a news site that is dedicated to the world of social media. It reports on current and important topics regarding the online social communities.

Whats New on the Social Media World?

The Daily Dot‘s goal is to give a voice to Web communities. On it you will find reports on the most important and relevant topics from within, just as the most valuable and informed reporting comes from publications invested in the communities they serve (towns, cities, and countries), the Daily Dot’s staff reports from within the web localities we all inhabit. They claim that their reporting is guided by what the people want and what they need to know to be informed citizens of the Web. After all what everybody seeks is local coverage of things that relate to where they live. In our cyber-reality the environment we live in is actually online.

Why Would it Be Interesting?

The Daily Dot calls themselves ‘the hometown newspaper of the world wide web’, The fundamental belief that stands behind it is that the internet is made to connect us, not isolate us. Social networking is the largest single activity online. The sizes of some virtual communities rival those of states and countries (even bigger then most…), yet existing publications still cover the web as if it were a house of curiosities, not a place people call home. So you ask ‘Why Should I read it‘? Well, probably because its news about the places you spend most of your online time on, written by people who share these places with you, and are just as passionate about it.

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