Bandcamp – Wrap it Up, MySpace. Bandcamp is Here

Posted on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 by

Bandcamp – Where do new music artists and bands go to publish their music online? MySpace for the most part. It’s not a bad service; there’s the textual content you can publish as a band or a performer, chat with fans, and upload your music using the MySpace music player. However now there is a much, much better alternative. I dare call it the best online solution available for upcoming musicians, singers and bands.

Bandcamp truly is the ultimate virtual stage for musicians, bands and singers seeking professional and effective publicity, not to mention interaction with their fans. The music advertisment dominance by MySpace has come to an end, succeeded by a comprehensive multi-functional, multi-opportunity, beautiful music hub for artists and bands. Bands are provided with an array of tools including visitor statistics, excellent sound quality music player, music sales platform, different music download formats your fans can choose from, mailing list and loads, loads more.

Why settle for the mediocre when you can get the absolute best in every possible aspect? Bandcamp should be your 1st choice. Actually, your only choice. See the screen shot of a featured band called Mars Argo I came across Bandcamp, and also be sure to check out the site’s video which shows Bancamp’s power in a nutshell.

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