Why Uber Needs to be Taken More Seriously

Posted on Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 by

New-Logo-Vertical-DarkRead about how taxi services such as Uber shouldn’t be taken as lightly as some think.

An Unfortunate Accident

On Thursday, June 25th, my hometown was hit with an upsetting event: a drunk driving accident. Four boys were in the car, including three 18 year old boys and one 17 year old boy. The boys had attended a party late Thursday night and were driving home when the accident occurred. The driver was driving above the speed limit and lost control of the car. The result was devastating. The car went airborne into a homeowner’s driveway. The two boys sitting in the back seat were not wearing seat belts, and were killed. The driver suffered life-threatening injuries, and the front passenger was also injured. It was reported that the driver had a blood alcohol content of .10. It’s awful that a close-knit town such as mine has to grieve for something like this, a car accident that could have been easily prevented. This is where Uber comes in and why I think people should use it:

Uber – Founded in 2009

There has been talk on how Uber can’t be trusted because the business consists of random drivers offering to drive their own cars around town to pick up people who need a ride. Some may say the business is “sketchy,” but a majority of major cities in countries like the United States and Israel uses Uber. Such a business allows people who have been drinking and are in no shape to drive to get a ride home. This business has saved many lives since it has started allowing high school kids who may still be in their rebellious stage, to have a safe ride home if a parent can’t pick them up.


How Uber Works – Sign Up for Free

Uber has a safe application for iPhones and Androids. Once downloaded, you add your information, such as name, age, and credit card number. The application has a secure system that your credit card information won’t be tampered with unless you change it. Once all information has been uploaded, you’re all set. Make sure your location is on and you’ll be able to request a pickup from your exact location.

File illustration picture showing the logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone next to the picture of an official German taxi sign

Make the Right Decisions

There are very few stories out there about an Uber ride going wrong. There are more stories on high school students getting into drunk driving accidents. Kids shouldn’t be afraid to have to call their parents to pick them up from a party after a night of drinking alcohol. It’s better them get in trouble by their parents for going behind their back for drinking alcohol than them get in a car with people who had been drinking. We have so many options of getting ourselves home after a night of drinking but the real issue today is making the right choice. I am hoping that with such an unfortunate event, this will be a huge wake up call for kids all over to make the right decision. Keep a lookout for that Uber sign on cars in your town and take advantage of this business.

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