UrbanSitter: Using Facebook to Link Reliable Babysitters to Parents

Posted on Monday, April 16th, 2012 by

UrbanSitter – Leaving your kids with a complete stranger is one of every parent’s biggest fears. From personal experience, this fear has often led myself and my partner canceling quality time both with each other and our friends. Urban Sitter tries to change that…UrbanSitter is a website made by parents, for parents. It knows you need some time to blow off steam away from your little darlings. It also knows you need a reliable baby sitter to do that. And that’s why it provides a location-based babysitter marketplace, which helps you find a sitter in your area, mixed in with a Facebook recommendations program that helps you find only the most trusted person to look after your kids. You’re only going to be hiring babysitters with top reviews and recommendations by your friends and real parents that have previously used them.

And if you’re someone who’s looking for some work and is good with kids, you can list yourself for free on UrbanSitter too, and use your Facebook network to find a fun, new job.

So if you’re planning a night out, but are stuck for a sitter, or you’re great with kids, have Facebook and want an easy way to find work, try Urban Sitter. We’re certain it won’t let you down.


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