Five Changes to Look Out For at All My Faves

Posted on Thursday, April 12th, 2012 by

This one goes out to our dear fans and followers… We’re really passionate here at All My Faves about keeping with the times, and bringing you free products that make it easy to discover unique and interesting websites from across the Internet. And these 5 changes are all aimed at doing just that…

1. Pin with AllMyFaves on Pinterest

You’ve probably heard of Pinterest. It’s all the rage online right now, and so we simply had to join in the ‘pinning’ fun, with our All My Faves – Best of the Web account: For the unacquainted among you, Pinterest is an online pinboard, where you ‘pin’ images from across the internet that you saw and really liked. You can build collections on different subjects (the ‘boards’), and then you can follow or be followed by people with similar interests to you, in order to share their ‘pins’.

Because we’re a visual directory of everything that’s good on the web, it’s a natural social network for us to share our discoveries with you. Click here to see how we’re pinning the ‘Best of the Web’ on Pinterest.

2. Discover new websites LIVE on the All My Faves Facebook Timeline

Although we know the forced change-over to the Facebook Timeline has irked many of you, we’ve decided to take the opportunity of using our Timeline as a new, easier way to interact and chat with us directly, in real time. We’re sharing our latest Weekly Faves on there, as well as other interesting discoveries we’ve made around the web. We’re about to hit 8,000 ‘likes’ too – it’s great to see the Faves network growing! Click here to like us, join the conversation, and share interesting websites, videos, photos and songs with us and your friends.

3. Rate the Weekly Faves on our new blog

If you subscribe to our blog you’ll already (hopefully) be enjoying our Weekly Faves reviews – 10 cool websites, apps and coffee break games every Monday that we want to share with you. You may not have noticed our new blog design however – we’ve made it more visual and easier to explore and share. We’d love to hear your feedback, as the designing process is ongoing. If you’re not yet subscribed, just enter your email in the top right-hand corner to get our weekly digest too.

4. Personalize your All My Faves Homepage easier than ever

One thing we’re passionate about is giving you an easy platform to navigate the Internet from. That’s why we created customizable Faves pages, so you can have your own personal browsing assistant. As you can see from my homepage, all your favorite websites are just a click of a logo away. We’ve updated our joining process to make it easier to create a new homepage, import your old bookmarks, add your favorite sites, and add collections of the top sites for your interests. Click here to try it out, and let us know your feedback.

5. Save Your New Faves with the “Fave It” Bookmarklet Button!

The ‘Fave It’ button is our latest creation, and we love it! It’s simply a ‘bookmarklet’ button that you can drag to your bookmarks toolbar on your internet browser, and then when you’re on a website you really like… click ‘Fave It’, and the bookmarklet will instantly add that website to your AllMyFaves Homepage account – you just decide which tab you want it to go in. Easy! Try it now for Google Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explorer / Safari or Opera.

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