Young House Love – If This House Could Talk (It Would Say ‘I Love You’)

Posted on Monday, October 25th, 2010 by

Young House LoveSherry and John, a young married couple, have decided to take their first home experience and go public. Young and beautiful, Sherry and John document their renovation projects, their home, their baby daughter and everything in between.

This blog was a winner during its feature on the Weekly Blogs lineup, and reading a few posts on Young House Love will show you why. Excellent content, beautiful projects and that personal touch make this blog a must, even if you’re not house hunting anytime soon. We’re not the only ones who appreciate Young House Love; TV shows and magazines such as Real Simple, Do It Yourself and Better Homes have also taken interest in this young duo.

The picture below accompanies the lovely post The Benjamin Button-ization Of Our Style which I recommend reading. Enjoy it.

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