The Muse: Guiding You Along Your Career Path

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The Muse helps you discover careers that check all the boxes on your list and advises you along the way.The Muse offers readers guidance for every aspect of your career, including job opportunities, company profiles, and advice articles from experts.

Your Career Search Doesn’t Have to be Awful

Finding a job that matches both your qualifications and interests isn’t easy. Even when you come across something that appeals to you, the feeling with the company has to be mutual. While there’s no magic bullet for landing your dream job, The Muse helps you discover careers that check all the boxes on your list and advises you along the way. The Muse gives you an in-depth look into some of the coolest companies such as Pinterest, Facebook and Living Social. Their detailed profiles include open jobs, office description, and corporate culture. They even “introduce” readers to some of the key people in the organization, making the job search a bit more personable.The Muse career advice job search

They also offer articles written by experts to help you look better on paper, ace the interview, and give you valuable advice such as “37 things to never say to your boss.” (Hint: asking your boss if the employee handbook is just a suggestion list probably isn’t a good idea).

It’s Never Just About The Job

If you’re anything like me, it’s not just about what you’re doing, but where you’re doing it. One of the best features of The Muse is that they give you a peak into the company’s corporate culture. You hear from real employees about their experience working for the organization, the type of relationship employees have, and how they got there. These employee profiles are important because these could be your future coworkers! They interview people from all levels of the corporate ladder so both entry and senior level applicants can find someone to relate to. You’re introduced to the crowd you’ll be working with and this also paints a better picture of what your life will be like working for a particular company (Trip Advisor encourages their employees to problem solve by playing with Rubik’s Cubes). This site is ideal for people who think corporate culture and environment are just as important as the job itself.

The Muse career advice job search

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