Life With Dogs – The Happy and Sad Stories of Canines

Posted on Monday, August 16th, 2010 by

Life with Dogs – Created by Neil, Life with Dogs is here “to fetch the most interesting and relevant dog news and video for your consumption.” But that’s not all Life with Dogs is about. It’s also about drawing rescue stories, dogs up for adoption, and user stories into the canine lovers spotlight.

Keeping high levels of interest via diversified post topics, excellent photos and user participation, Neil does an amazing job in maintaining a blog that’s not just another dog enthusiast web diary. It’s compelling, funny, witty, political at times but all in good taste, spoken by a true animal lover. Great blog. I urge you to subscribe. If you are a dog owner yourself, you’re invited to submit your Fido’s pics and/or videos -check out the Submissions page.

Exploring the content on Life with Dogs led me to this interesting article  on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in war dogs. It’s fascinating. Also be sure to watch the video below. It’s the most compelling story of an abandoned dog, saved by good people. The video below is part 2. To catch up with the 1st part, click here.

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