Headspace – Meditation for the Internet Generation!

Posted on Monday, February 13th, 2012 by

Headspace Meditation – This, friends, is meditation for the internet generation. This isn’t some kooky class that your mother-in-law once went to and now insists you attend every other week, with a hippie instructor leisurely guiding you along the road to ‘nirvana’. Not at all.

This is an online program and free iPhone app designed out of cutting edge, scientific research, that appreciates the busy life you live. Headspace doesn’t want to make any drastic changes. It simply wants to help a modern generation for whom time is an all-too-elusive commodity take just 10 minutes out each day, follow some simple techniques and exercises, and help to enhance our busy lives by making us less stressed, more clear thinking and more motivated.

So before you start thinking i’ve gone all spacey, telling you about the inner calm I’ve been feeling over the last few days, take a look at the Headspace program. It’s led by zen-like, yet relate-able, Buddhist Brit Andy Puddicombe, and you get a series of beautifully animated, daily videos to start you off on the road to a clearer, more motivated mind. The video above on the benefits of meditation is a preview of the sort of short video you’ll be getting when you sign up for the 10 day trial Headspace offers. And you can click here to explore whether Headspace could help you get your mind in order!

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