Sortable – Buy the Perfect Camera/Phone/Laptop/TV for You!

Posted on Monday, February 13th, 2012 by

Sortable – There’s so many seemingly great cameras, phones, laptops, TVs and other electrical goods out there, crying out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. But how often do you get home only to be a little disappointed with the product you chose? How often does it not quite fit your perfect requirements? And how often is that down to the fact that the salesperson was in fact selling you the product their store wants you to buy?!

This happens so often; but if you use this absolute gem of an electronics comparison site, I guarantee you’ll be purchasing smarter, saving money, and finding the product that suits you, and nobody else! Following straight on from 2011’s Most Useful Internet Tool, (a site that tells you whether to buy electrical products now, or wait if the price is about to drop), Sortable provides a complementary tool that creates a very personalized comparison of the best camera, phone, laptop or TV for your requirements, as the video advert below shows you.

The interface is really easy to use. You select the perfect product for you simply by clicking on and highlighting the requirements that are important to your search (and these are displayed as big, clickable buttons, which are always nice!). The personal search options are specific to each product, but generally include price, power, speed, weight and so on.

This Weekly Fave is already a possible contender for Site of the Year 2012, in the Most Useful Internet Tool category (although no guarantees yet – it depends on how you guys respond to it!); and if you want to purchase your next electronic product smarter, try Sortable, by clicking here!

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