Kngine – Spearheading Web 3.0 Search?

Posted on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 by

Kngine – A new Web 3.0 search engine “designed to provide meaningful search results,” Kngine tries to offer a search engine with an added value. Yours truly took the search engine for a test drive using the keyword phrase ‘BP oil spill,’ and compared the results with the same search on Google. The screen shots below show Kngine’s results compared to Google’s.

As you can see (if the screen shots aren’t clear enough, click on them for the respective results page), the Web search results for the chosen keyword phrase are for the most part identical. No real innovation there. Where Kngine really shines though, is in their additional search themes such as Kngine Movies, Music and my favorite, Kngine Stats. This last feature offers great graph based statistical information on an array of topics ranging from energy and economics to culture, food and education. See the screen shot below of the Kngine Stats search I did for Exports of goods and services in different countries. It’s great stuff!

The Google giant indeed offers amazing free products, and the one that let them break into the market was their flagship service, Web search. However, it has yet to offer the innovative perks Kngine does. I strongly suggest that you take the time to explore Kngine and the various services it offers. It’s refreshing, extremely user friendly and engaging.

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