Sleep Talkin’ Man – No Chance of Being a Spy

Posted on Monday, August 9th, 2010 by

Sleep Talkin’ Man – I can definitely identify with sleep talking because I’m quite the subconscious chatter myself.  I often wake myself up; It’s always funny and a little bit embarrassing at the same time. But it turns out there’s Sleep Talkin’ Man, the blog about Adam, the Web’s most famous sleep talker. Adam’s wife Karen wanted to share her husband’s hilarious midnight mumbling with her family and friends, so she started a blog. Soon enough Adam’s funny and senseless monologues spread all over the globe, and the couple quickly became a buzzing media item on TV, radio and printed media.

Click on the links below to hear some of the things Adam says while he’s fast asleep. Be advised that some recordings on this blog include curse words…

Pie Person

Escape Goat

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