Make My Plate – Eat Well, Live Healthy!

Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2013 by

Make My Plate is the new fun way to manage your diet, lose weight, and make every last of those calories count. Create your plate and get feedback from an expert.

Every Calorie Counts!

Make My Plate is the fun, easy way to succeed in your diet! Make My Plate allows you to achieve your nutritional goals, whether it’s for weight loss or to adjust a healthy lifestyle. Use the Plator, the first visual nutrition calculator, to create your plate just as it was arrange on your lunch plate and get all the nutrition value and keep in a visual food journal. Losing weight has never been so simple, now its made easy as pie. Don’t wait for the New Year’s resolution to start shedding off those useless extra pounds or kilograms, start today!

You Are What You Eat!

The famous saying says outlines that one reflects the food they consume. Keeping that in mind, with Make My Plate you can create a diet designed for you in order to look your best. Best of all, you can browse plates created by other people sharing the same goals as you and from professionals at your choice. Browsing plates is a fun, easy way to discover your next great meal! Use the team of professionals to guide you and hold your hand on the path to weight loss. Using Make My Plate you will be exposed to many professionals such as : dietitian, personal trainer, weight loss coaches and many more from all around the world – you will choose the perfect mentor for you to guide you on your pathway to success and reach your goals!

Your New Year’s Resolution Starts Today!

Have you been putting off that very important New Year’s resolution of losing weight? Well, that’s it, no more slacking! Today is the first day to your diet, with Make My Plate, any nutritional goal is attainable. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur just trying to lose some unnecessary weight or if you’re a professional athlete trying to track your daily calorie intake, Make My Plate is great for anyone and everyone. Start using Make My Plate and track your daily food intake and start shedding off those extra pounds. Stare at the scale… and smile, with Make My Plate any goal can be achieved, check it out!


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