DayScore: How To Keep Up Your Good Habits!

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 by

There’s so many apps and sites trying to help you get rid of bad habits… but what about keeping up the good ones!? Enter DayScore, the site you never knew you needed, until now…

 It takes 30 days to make a new habit, how long will it take you?

Pick your nose? Pick your teeth? Pick bad friends? Finally there’s website that gives you points for all the good things you do instead of criticizing you for the bad. DayScore allows you to track your points, but more importantly, it forces you to think about and write out what it is you want to change in your life.

DayScore challenges you to make them a promise and commit to your words. Easier for you when people look over your shoulder? Feel free to share your specific profile URL with friends by copy and pasting it onto Facebook, email, or anywhere.

Completely the opposite and need to keep to yourself? No problem! The beauty of DayScore is that you can choose your confidentiality, your habits, and what your points mean.

Make DayScore a habit, and change your habits for life…

Points in a basketball game – whoever has the most wins. Points on Weight Watchers – the less the better. Points on DayScore? Absolutely whatever you want them to be! There are no rules here; make yourself a chart and congratulate yourself with every new habit you sustain.

My point system per week looks a little like this: with 15 habits a day (105 possible points a week), reaching 75  points- 30 extra minutes to watch tv at night, 85 points- a new DVD to add to my collection, 95 points-  take a friend out for dinner and/or a movie, and 105 points- concert tickets. What will your point system look like?


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