Why SVBTLE’s Invite-Only Blog Network is the Best Alternative to WordPress

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 by

Frustrated by the huge number of blogs online where quantity seems to matter more than quality? SVBTLE – an invitation only blog platform that focuses on the writing quality – could be for you…

What is SVBTLE?

Svbtle claims to be an “invite-only network” of bloggers whose goal is to create outstanding content, while eliminating the distractions. While many blogs are using WordPress and Blogger to host their sites, Svbtle is spinning a new perspective on the everyday blog.

SVBTLE is literally a more subtle way of blogging; one that’s not in your face with graphics, social media, and videos popping up along side the blog posts. Svbtle claims to be “The essence of blogging”, providing a new perspective on how readers should get their information. With a blog that features a simple and sleek design, readers can easily focus on the original content.

Original content for readers of today

If you are interested in taking part of the new blogging experience you can become a member through their application process. The Svbtle team claims ‘Svbtle bloggers come from backgrounds that make them uniquely qualified to speak about their topics of interest.’

Readers can also play an active role on the blog by rating the posts (only positively) by giving them a kudos, but a comments feature is not available for readers to interact with each other. The current bloggers are “vet” writers, but the application process is open for anyone with original ideas. Check out SVBTLE for the latest in quality conscious writing today.

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