Slice the Box – An Alternative to Cut The Rope?!

Posted on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 by

Slice the box is a simple, challenging, and an engaging puzzle game. It will keep you entertained for a good while and definitely will force you to think about problem solving.

Harness the Power of The Knife

Growing Up, my mother taught me never to play with sharp objects. Well here’s my chance to show her that a knife can serve as a toy! Well maybe not exactly… Slice the box is a puzzle game that harnesses the power of slicing into creativity. The game is quite simple, you must create pre generated shapes using a given amount of slices. Slicing is quite easy, all you have to do is draw a straight line from one end of the box to the other turning at 1-6 points if indicated until the piece drops off. The challenge is to create the most similar shape to the one indicated with only the certain amount of slices.

The More Precise, The More Points

Accompanying you throughout the entire gameplay, is light melodies that put you in a good mood and enlighten the entire experience. Now to be successful at Slice the Box, your goal is to cut the shape as precisely as you can. On each level you are allocated a different amount of slices with a twist. The twist is that you are not simply limited to single slice swipes but on different levels you can have up to 6 points in your overall swipe. This allows you to have the ability to fine tune slicing and cut more precise shapes. 

A Challenging Yet Relaxing Endeavor

Puzzles games are great! At least for the most part. Puzzle games are never bafflingly frustrating and since there are usually no time limits, puzzle games can easily beaten quickly. And although Slice the Box might not be the most challenging game, its definitely an interesting alternative to games such as cut the rope. Slice the Box is the perfect game for someone looking for a gratifying light puzzle game, no quick action and lots of style will not be found here. Like any other puzzle game, Slice the Box is surprisingly engaging and fun, definitely worth checking if you’ve got a quick hour to kill. Check it out here!

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