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Get ready to claim your place in Space  with KLM. Are you ready to win the ultimate journey of inspiration? Join the challenge now and claim your place in space!

An Out of This World Experience… Literally!

In the past century, us humans have learned so much about space exploration. Now, it seems that the next big milestone is at our doorsteps. Commercial space flights are just about to be introduced, and the Space Exploration Corporation in association with KLM wants to be the first one to make this a reality. The Dutch airline company has introduced a new promotion called “Claim your Place in Space“. If you win, you win big; an all-inclusive ticket to space aboard the SXC Lynx. It will rocket you 103 km up to space at 4 G’s of thrust. You will see the Earth as you’ve never seen it before and experience complete weightlessness.

Gamble Your Way To Space!

Although a promotion, winning this jackpot is not going to be easy; you’re going to need a lot of luck! On April 22nd KLM will launch a Felix Baumgartner fashion balloon into space. But instead of carrying a passenger it will carry a ticket to space, to be won by you! The website requires you to register either via facebook or email and virtually claim an airspace in space. If the balloon comes closest to your claimed airspace, you will be declared the winner. Now, this is not going to be easy as there are endless different combinations for airspaces making the promotion highly competitive. But, you might just be a lucky person, who knows, one thing is for sure, it definitely does not hurt to try your luck! Today might be your lucky day, you could win the $95,000 jackpot prize! But don’t wait, April 22nd is just around the corner, enter here to win!


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